Zana by Mama

Zana by Mama Organic Linen Bed Pockets - Grey


Zana by Mama Bed Pockets are perfect to have on the side of the crib to put your baby's little things into, like pacifiers, rattles or perhaps a book. Alongside being practical, it is also a decorative add-on to any crib.

Material: 100% Linen

Dimensions: 47 cm x 30 cm

Made in Poland

Our CARE recommendations:
- Machine washable 40°C (104°F)
- Please do not use bleach containing chlorine  
- Tumble dry, delicate cycle, Leave damp


– pure linen has anti-allergic properties, it does not cause irritation and allergy, therefore, it is recommended for children and allergy suffers
– it is very friendly to our bodies and creates the best microclimate for our skin
– it has antibacterial, antistatic and hygroscopic properties
– products made of natural linen are organic and fully biodegradable
– linen fabric is very airy and provides a feeling of freshness
– thanks to the thermoregulation properties it provides a feeling of comfort all over the year: during the hot summer it absorbs moisture and gives a pleasant sensation of coolness, while in winter it maintains the proper body temperature
– linen products are very durable, their aesthetic value increases over time - linen becomes more soft and delicate after every wash

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