Nested Short Body Brush


Nested Short Body Brush is ideal for wet and dry body brushing, helping to prevent the build up of cellulite, remove toxins and stimulate healthy circulation.

The skin, as our largest organ, plays a vital role in cleansing the body of toxins and pollutants that are potential sources of disease. It is estimated that the body removes even half a kilogram of pollutants per day through skin pores.
Brushing the body dry accelerates self-cleaning of the
body by stimulation of lymph and blood circulation as well as peeling and unblocking the pores. What does it mean for us? Quick removal of toxins from the body, smooth skin without cellulite, smoother skin color.

You do not need any dirty peels, with artificially crafted flecks.
Brushing the body is an incredibly effective peeling - and only 3 minutes daily.
Do you get tired of ingrown hair after epilation? Brushing will help for sure! In addition, all cosmetics applied after brushing will be even more effective!

Remember to brush your body always towards the heart, starting from the feet. 

Materials: Nested Tampico brush is not lacquered, so you can also use it in the shower.

Made in Poland.

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