Nested Boar Hairbrush

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Today forgotten boar bristles hairbrushes were used for hair care since 18th
century. Brushes with wild boar bristles were also a ubiquitous object on the dressers in the first half of the twentieth century. Our brushes are manufactured in Poland, in a unique place that provided brushes on Imperial Court in Vienna!

Brushing hair with a boar bristle has an amazing effect of texture and brilliance
hair - unique structure of wild boar bristles distributes sebum - oil produced by the skin on your head - from the scalp to the end of the hair. Your hair will become radiant!

If you have straight hair, a brush with boar bristles will give them elasticity and gloss.
If you have curly hair, it will also give them elasticity, but also "loosen" the curls slightly.
It also stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, which stimulates the hair to grow.

How to cultivate it? Just every now and then comb it with a comb and it's ready!

Packaging: organic raw cotton bag.

Made in Poland.

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