Maileg Small Gantosaurus In Egg - Green


Meet the Maileg Small Gantosaurus In Egg in Green colour.

Our favorite little hatchling, Maileg’s Gantosaurus will be beloved by every youngster who loves dinosaurs. Gantosaurus is brand new to this world and loves to stay curled up inside of his egg shell for naps. This toy is too-cute for adults to handle, and your little one’s love for this dino will never go extinct! He is made of the softest fabric and comes with his own natural looking Gantosaurus egg.

The eggs are made from recycled cardboard and have a rough look as if they were found in the Jurassic Period! During the manufacturing, the cardboard is wet and pressed into the mold and this can cause imperfections. 

  • Size : Small.
  • Height : 23 cm.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Material: Linen.
  • Washing instruction: 30 degrees.


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