Élhée Pack Of 2 Physiological Teats - Size 1 Medium Flow


Physiological and anti-colic Élhée teat, made of extra-soft silicone, has been developed to offer sensations close to breastfeeding. It adapts ideally to the shape of the baby’s palate and contributes to its good oral development. Its anti-colic system.

The flow rates of the teats are indicated under the base of the teat (S = slow flow, M = medium flow, L = dense flow). The numbers on the bottom of the teat correspond to those of the production series and are not related to the size of the teat.

Designed to adapt as closely as possible to their needs, the teat size 1 medium flow (M) is ideal for infant milk or water.


Élhée is a young French childcare brand created by Allison Piraud. Élhée bottles were created in response to a parent’s need to recreate those first, emotional bonding moments. The medical-grade silicone and eco-friendly bottles are uniquely designed and produced with care in France, for safe and healthy feeding that respects the health of infants. These gorgeous bottles are a must-have on any modern parent’s wish list!

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