Élhée Baby Bottle Nude In 150 ml And 240 ml


Baby bottle 150 ml and 240 ml equipped with an anatomical and anti-colic teat
Size: 1 (0/+6 months) – Flow: Medium (M) ideal for breast or formula milk and water

Flexible, light and pleasant to the touch, Élhée baby bottle is designed to guarantee a healthy diet for babies and to offer parents tender and carefree bonding moments during feeding time.

Designed in a pure, new generation medical grade silicone, selected for its highest degree of compliance, Élhée baby bottle does not contain toxic chemicals harmful for the baby health. It’s unique, patented closure system eliminates the risk of the milk and its nutrients coming into contact with any materials other than those of the bottle, teat and silicone sealing disc (ZERO plastic contact).

The flexibility of Élhée BibRond’s materials and its subtle and delicate texture offer sensations close to natural breastfeeding, ideal for transition from breastfeeding to bottle.


Élhée is a young French childcare brand created by Allison Piraud. Élhée bottles were created in response to a parent’s need to recreate those first, emotional bonding moments. The medical-grade silicone and eco-friendly bottles are uniquely designed and produced with care in France, for safe and healthy feeding that respects the health of infants. These gorgeous bottles are a must-have on any modern parent’s wish list!

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