Mamiko’s mission and goal is to show parents that as an adult we have a choice on how we shape our children, how we raise them into growing, caring, conscious beings. We have the ability to educate our children on our environment, whilst also causing as little damage as possible to their future home. 

Starting with why

to show parents that we have a choice on how we shape our children's future. As the decision maker and caregiver we can create conscious change that limits toxin exposure to our children whilst raising them into more aware conscious human beings. 

What is our purpose 

Our purpose is to educate and show others that we can create impact now, that we can change the way in which our children are brought up. By simple choices such as the clothes they wear and the environment we create for them.

Why it exists 

We created Mamiko with an aspiration to become a one stop shop for all conscious, organic and ethical purchases relating to parenthood and your baby. Our goal is to build a community of conscious customers, parents and caregivers. To educate and build a community that extends beyond a simple purchase. 

Why should you care

People should care because creating momentum, even through the smallest avenues, will create impact for our planet, for our lives and for our future. It’s about small changes for a big cause. 

Mamiko’s Values

Creating Small Changes For A Big Cause

  • To Dream for a better future 
  • To Make Conscious Choices…
  • To Think Ethically
  • To Educate 
  • To Build A Community 

  • We will always continue to strive for a better future

    Our dreams are to raise our children in a world that will encourage and support their growth from the external in. To continue to thrive within our environment. 

    We will always make conscious choices...

    Even before we bring little humans into this world 

    Mamiko is here to make conscious choices in the way we stock our brands, always choosing consciously selected, sustainable and eco friendly products, along with organic materials with no added nasties. Supporting parents and carers alike to provide only the best for their little ones. 

    We will always be ethical 

    By thinking ethically we will always be in the realm of ensuring each of our choices is creating impact for the better, whether through small business support, charitable outreach or ensuring all our products are ethically sourced.

    We will always try our best to educate 

    Creating awareness and educating in an easy to access manner is one of our top priorities across all of our platforms. We will continue to educate ourselves, listen and pass on our knowledge to others about prominent and important topics that are taking place in our world. 


    With love,


    We will always continue to build and maintain a community 

    Community is trust, and here at Mamiko we believe in building trust through our community, our brands, those who purchase from us and our followers.