My name is Anna, the mom behind the recently opened Mamiko Baby Concept Store. Mamiko is a UK based, online concept store for organic, sustainable and ethical baby clothing, toys and natural products for the modern and conscious parent. 


Mamiko was created with the vision to highlight a passion close to a young mother's heart, a place that only until now existed in the realms of her own dreams. A place that involved inviting other parents into a world of carefully selected natural products that not only brought high quality, but also beautiful aesthetics and a conscious mindset. 


With parenthood being at the center of Mamiko, it was vital to bring to life a deeper understanding of the world in which we live in, to create a place that not only parents could thrive within, but also their children. 


Using inspiration from our worlds elements, Mamiko envisions bringing the outdoors in, sourcing natural, sustainable and organic materials that not only look beautiful but also aid the development of our children, whether through touch, sound or comfort. 


Mamiko’s mission and goal is to show parents that as an adult we have a choice on how we shape our children, how we raise them into growing, caring, conscious beings. We, as adults, have the ability to educate our children on our environment, whilst also causing as little damage as possible to their future home. 


From beautifully sourced organic cotton clothing, to vegan and bioplastic toys, handcrafted birchwood rattles and the everyday eco friendly essentials for mum, Mamiko envisions to carry forward our mission and goal to both educate and encapsulate happiness and serenity, whilst maintaining our values throughout.


We can’t wait for you too, to join our little Mamiko community, striving to grow whilst staying conscious and sustainable throughout our journey. 


With love,