We're Changing Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us. One of the biggest sales events of the year, with discounts left, right & centre and an online traffic increase of 328% for fashion brands this year!

But what does Black Friday really mean in relation to our environment? And why have we chosen to donate 10% of our profits to a meaningful cause? 

In this week's Mamiko blog we will be covering the detrimental impact this yearly sale event has in regards to our environment and our small businesses, whilst looking at how we, as a collective, can become more conscious and support our world this Black Friday. 

child in forest - environment

Our Environment


In the UK, according to Waste and Resources Action (WRAP), the clothing industry represents the fifth-biggest environmental footprint of any UK business sector!

Consumerism has been booming, whilst our beautiful environment has been suffering. 

To add to this, around 30% of wardrobes across the UK, including that of our littlies, have not been worn for at least a year, which result in these clothes ending up in landfill sites!

The impact of this? These clothes (and toys) are contributing to our ever increasing climate change, whilst also adding to the thousands of hectares of endangered forests being cut down to be replaced by wood based fabrics.

Everything in which we buy, doesn’t just cost us money, but has an environmental cost too! These environmental costs can depend on; how and where it’s made, along with how far it’s being transported along with what happens to it when we are done with it!

This is one of the reasons Mamiko ensures to buy in small quantities, buy locally and to ensure all products are ethically sourced! 

Small Business Vs Large Business

Even with our never ending pandemic, the wider retail industry understands that consumers have money to spend on Black Friday, and the more money consumers have to spend the more mass sale thought process for consumers comes in.

However, with the fast fashion industry bringing multiple collections to the market at once in a short period of time, it can therefore affect smaller businesses when producing smaller amounts of sustainably produced items. 

With smaller businesses already taking a hit during this global pandemic, it’s become more apparent as this worldwide sale quickly comes to our attention. With postage and deliveries taking longer than ever, we have been encouraging consumers to buy small and buy soon. 

Here at Mamiko, at the top of our values list, is to encourage education on making conscious and sustainable choices, that both benefit ourselves and our family, but also the world in which we live in. And by doing so, our main focus is on buying small, local, organic brands that will last for your little one, whilst allowing you to pass them onto your friends and family.

Whilst the pandemic has impacted our small businesses, we are not the only ones who have been impacted in terms of trading, this leads us onto why we are writing this blog in the first place.

Impact on Charities

rainforest foundation charity

This year alone, according to the Financial Times, charities have faced a nearly 10 billion pound funding shortfall, with UKFundraisng supporting this statement, and if that wasn’t enough, over 60,000 job losses have also taken place within those charities. 

So what does this mean for you and I?

Well, as a small business, we understand the impact of trading decrease, and want to support others who have also suffered, therefore from November 27th until and inclusive of November 30th, we will be donating 10% of all of our profit to the Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK). 

RFUK supports in tackling deforestation both nationally and internationally, whilst differing their approach from other organisations with regards to committing themselves to both protection of the environment and human rights.

Here at Mamiko we have chosen this charity due to their values and their fight in empowering local communities to protect their land.

So if you are ready to do Black Friday in a very different way this year, go green, fight with us and support small, whilst supporting our world, for us, for our futures and for our children's future. 

With love,