Organic Clothing For Your Little Ones

With a plethora of research, that as we move into a more sustainable and aware lifestyle, it's more important than ever to pay attention to what is and isn't good for our little ones. 

It's often easy to get overwhelmed with how much information is out there, that is why it's so vital to us, to make important information easy to digest, with support and recommendations. 

What we put onto our bodies, is just as important as what we put into it, which is why this blog is all about why organic clothing is so important when dressing your little ones. 

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With newborn babies wearing multiple little outfits per day, it’s imperative to ensure that we are supporting their development and growth as much as we can. With babies skin being around 30% thinner than an adults skin,  this means, that as parents, we have to take into consideration the materials in which we dress our babies in. 

With our babies skin being thinner, this also translates to their skin being a lot more sensitive. As much as we can only see the most perfect baby in front of us, their skin is at higher risk of drying out, reacting to skin care products and even reacting to the clothes in which they wear. 

So what does that mean for you as a parent?

Well, I'm sure like many other parents you have been told to shop organic, and although that seems like an easy task, with such a huge range of products on the market, it can often become an overwhelming task. Especially when now, shopping online is more prominent than ever. 

So with this in mind, here at Mamiko we wanted to raise awareness around the importance of buying organic clothing for your little ones, whilst also providing you with beautiful options that are free from toxins, are fully sustainable, and will support your child's development whilst also catering to their precious skin!

So without further ado, we would love to provide you with our top fabrics and brands to suit!

Organic Cotton

With the winter creeping in faster than we would like, Organic Cotton is a lovely fabric to allow our little ones to regulate their body temperature, whilst also allowing their skin to breathe. 100% free of nasties & non-irritating on the skin, Organic Cotton insulates, absorbs body moisture and even stays warm when wet! As the threads of the cotton have not been broken down or damaged by chemicals, this material is comfortable, soft and allows all the movement your little ones need! P.S. It’s also completely vegan too! 

Our top picks for Organic Cotton Clothing are the following: 

Organic Zoo

Designed in the UK & made in Europe, this unisex baby clothes brand enables you to mix & match - giving you all the options!

Claude & Co 

With their signature 'Milking It' logo, these gorgeous baby grows & leggings are the perfect cosy gift!

Konges Slojd 

Designed for the delicate newborn, they have a range of bonnets, onesies & bodies! 

MarMar Copenhagen

Gorgeous little wrap over bodies and suits for easy removal and dressing, although not fully 100% cotton, these Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified are fully sustainable. 

Merino Wool 

Merino Wool, a natural fibre that’s grown year-round by Merino Sheep on farms across Australia, is our second fabric pick! Known as a powerhouse in the wool family, Merino Wool is exceptionally warm and super soft on the skin. Along with this, it provides good insulation, anti-static properties and is known not to itch or smell! And above all else, this lightweight material does all these amazing things in a completely natural & sustainable way, all whilst allowing our babies skin to breathe, whilst keeping them warm and toasty!

Our top pick is our go to:


From the most gorgeous booties, to baby cocoons & teddies, HVID is known to be antibacterial, perfect for sensitive skin and those little ones with eczema. 


Last but not least on our go to fabrics is Linen! Not just for a fashion focussed Mama meandering the streets of Italy, but for our gorgeous little newborns! Perfect for babies and busy parents, linen is durable and machine washable, whilst also having fibres that allow more airflow to your little ones skins! With a low environmental impact, linen is known to also be fully biodegradable whilst also working as a natural insect repellent!

Our go to brand is:

Zana By Mama 

Zana By Mama produces beautiful Linen pieces from baby quilts, pillows & linen bed sets! Holding anti-allergy properties, these products are perfect for those little ones with higher skin sensitivities.

In Conclusion

Here at Mamiko we want to support our parents as much as possible during those important early years. We want to provide educational content, whilst always providing the resources to back our message.

Our values are simple; staying conscious, organic and promoting a sustainable life. It's our mission to create an impact from our little ones up, starting here, and ending with you. 

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